Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Together Tuesday: Tactile Fingerpainting

Is it snowy or rainy where you are? Are your little ones starting to go a little stir crazy? In that case, it's time to break out the finger paints!

Fingerpainting is a great activity for children. Regular fingerpainting makes for a nice tactile experience, but add some different textures and little hands will have a blast! Try fingerpainting on a variety of textures: tin foil, bubble wrap, sand paper, wax paper, fabric, wood, etc. Or try fingerpainting on regular paper, but add some tactile elements to the fingerpaints - rice, flour, glitter, cornmeal, sand, etc.

From Earth*School: "The Five Senses"
Copyright 2004-2010, Bonnie E. Vontz


Anonymous said...

Thats a really cute idea, but Scarlett hates to get her hands dirty :oS

We did playdough and colouring yesterday afternoon, made some pretty pictures using the two :o)

I may try her again with paints soon, now she's a bit older she may like it more :o)

Oh and its beautiful sunshine here in the north of the UK :oD

Spring has sprung, just in time for my birthday tomorrow <3

Holden's Landing said...

Happy birthday Rox!!!

Yesterday, it looked as though spring had sprung here; we went to the park and it was beautiful (though gray) out. Today it snowed, lol. Ahhh ... late winter/early spring in New England!