Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Together Tuesday: Leprechaun Traps

* Leprechaun Traps
I have been making leprechaun traps with children for 10+ years and it is always an activity that they really love! The idea is a simple one, and one that is very compelling to children: leprechauns hide their gold and the only way you can find it is to catch one. If you catch a leprechaun he has to tell you where his gold is hidden. But leprechauns are very clever and very hard to catch (there in lies the compelling part, lol!).
Collect a wide variety of recycled materials, glue, tape, string, paper, paper cups, sticks, etc. for the leprechaun trap making. Then just let your child(ren)’s imagination take over. I have seen children build elaborate contraptions involving a cookie on a plate, a marble hitting a toilet paper tube, which rolls and hits a stick which falls over and drops a tissue (that was supposed to be a net), and I have seen more simple traps like a stick holding up a cup with crumbs underneath. But the process is always so much fun!
Keep your child’s leprechaun traps up overnight, and while s/he is asleep, set up the leprechaun treasure hunt activity in the math section!

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