Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bliss is ...

Knitting. I actually forgot how much I love to knit. This year, I have knit one pair of shorts. That's it. That's very, very sad. I decided last week that this situation needed to be remedied asap. So I cast on a pair of pants, which I finished up last night. This afternoon at a birthday party, I cast on another pair of pants and got halfway through the body and was just loving life. Tonight I decided to go in another direction and knit ... A SOCK! I have (1) never knit a sock before and (2) never knit anything for myself before. I am making he pattern for the sock up as I go along, so there is no guarantee that I will actually have knit something for myself when I finish this either, but, what the hell, I am having fun :) I also printed out a bunch of patterns for a top for myself; I have been hoarding some Yarn Love yarn for 2 years now to make a cami/tank top for myself and just never got around to it. I am hoping to get around to it before it gets too cold to actually wear it. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Apparently it really *is* what's for dinner

Beef, that is. For dinner. Coming from a girl who was a vegetarian from 12 years old until pregnant in 2003-4 with my son, that's quite a hefty statement. As is the statement pronounced at dinner by my newly-ridiculously-picky-eats-a-prisoner's-bread-and-water-diet almost 9 year old, that "Beef is stellar, mom!". Hmmmm ... stellar. This child will not eat pasta of any kind, cream cheese, or a host of other things she has always eaten in the past. Bacon-cheese-mushroom-onion stuffed burgers? Yep - she would eat those every night if I let her.

So this posting is a plea ... help out a former vegetarian. What on earth do I coo this child with beef? My beef repetiore is very limited (read, virtually nonexistent). Fish, chicken and especially veggies (yuuuummmmm ... red peppers ...) - got those covered. Beef? Well, not so much.

Post or link to your favorite beef recipes in the comment section here and I will choose a favorite over the weekend (probably Sunday morning, as I know I will be home for a little bit then). The chosen poster will receive any one Earth*School unit of her choice (e-version).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obsess much?

I think I may quite potentially, possibly, maybe have a problem. I am not sure. I cannot stop collecting embroidery designs. Really. Cannot stop. I have an entree hard drive full of embroidery designs. There is nothing else on that hard drive - just designs, designs and more designs. I can spend hours searching for the perfect design for something.

So here are my newest acquisitions ...

Fairy Tales


Applique animals - note, these are all stock photos so the applique fabric used will all be different. I am totally in love with the squirrel, hedgehog and lion!

And for anyone who loves Halloween like I do ...