Friday, March 11, 2011


We've reached 1000 fans on Facebook! As promised, we are having a 1000 fans giveaway. Post a comment to enter, between 11 am est 3/11/11 and 11 am est 3/14/11, and I will use to choose a winner!

And what does the winner get? Give me two weeks, and I will send you your choice of any of our current rainbows, in a fitted nappy, in your choice of size.

Rusted/Autumn Rainbow

Tropical Rainbow

Traditional Rainbow

Spring Rainbow

White Hot Rainbow

Warm/Girl Rainbow

Cool/Boy Rainbow

Winter Rainbow

Winter Sunset

Aurora Borealis Stripe Cloth Nappy

Contest is over! Congratulations to Louisa, comment #69! Louisa - you didn't leave an email/contact - can you email me at Thank you!