Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Seasons of Rox's Apple Tree

This DreamScape takes the prize as having taken the most hours to complete, and it is now one of my all time favorites. 4 seasons was the theme I had to work with. I knew I was going to do a tree, but originally, I was thinking appliquéing a tree on front and back, but when I saw this apple tree design, I knew it was perfect! I wanted to add a chipmunk on the fall side and a bee on the summer side, but there just wasn't room, the tree took up more room than I had anticipated. Hope you like it, Rox!

Spring and summer on front:

Fall and winter on back:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I love the way this one came out :) A custom BedBug for Carley B.


Look what we woke up to yesterday morning!

2 baby bunnies! We did not know our bunny Dandelion was pregnant, so this was quite a surprise. The kids are over the moon about the babies. They are so cute and little. We had to move the proud papa, Basil, to another cage so there are no more baby bunnies on the way, lol. We can't decide on names. We are tossing around Hazel and Fiver (from "Watership Down"). Kenna's suggestions last night? Calcium and Fiber. Ummm ... no. If there were three, they would inevitably be Flopsy, Mospy and Cottontail. It took almost a week to name the 2 original bunnies, so hopefully these little cuties will have names sooner than that!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Spotted Box!

Ahhh ... The Spotted Box! Our November box came today, The kids get totally psyched when it gets here, ebcause they know it will be filled with lots of things they can take :) To the point of every square priority box that comes in the door has them screaming "It's the SPOTTED BOX!!!"

I've been part of The Spotted Box (with Earth*School, and some months, Holden's Landing) since the very first box, in September 2007. There are always loads of great items in there! Here is what came in our box this month, minus a few things the kids took off with right away ;)

Face of the Wave - lotion sample (mine, all mine!)
Scent-sory Creations - chocolate milk bath sample (this is going in McKenna's stocking!)
Social Butterflies - a really beautiful yellow and white hair clip 9again, going in McKenna's stocking)
Blue Goose Designs - a cute froggy recycled crayon (going into Holden's stocking)
Simply Clean - wonderfully smelling laundry solution (can't wait to try this out!)
The Little Love Bug - a mini ear of corn with removable husk felt play food (this will go in with the wool foods the kids are getting for the holidays)
Silver Huggers - a neat charm (that I will probably use as a stitch marker, unless McKenna claims it, then it will go on her jacket)
Zupko Zen Creations - soap sample (lavender - one of my favorites!)
Ben and Dutchess - soap sample (this will go in my freebies bin)
FOE Your Diaper - really pretty turquoise FOE (now I have tho think up a project to use it on!)
lili tutu - a cute zipper pull (Kenna's stocking again ... you can see why she likes when TSB comes so much! she gets nearly everything!)
In Stitches - stitch marker (going in my knitting bag)
Country Soaps by Marlene - hand and body lotion (this will be part of a Christmas present for a friend)
Waddle Wades - cloth wipes (going into our wipes basket)
Bellies, Babies 'N More - a little napkin with wool bow tie pasta and sauce (going in Holden's stocking, he is a pasta/macaroni freak!)
Piping Hot Papers - an adorable push pin (can't decide if this will somehow make it into on of my scrapbooks or if i will hang onto it for the cork board I plan to someday make, lol)
Cathartic Slant - cute card (going into my card drawer)
1st Comes Love - really pretty card in one of my favorite color combinations (card drawer again, although this one may find it into one of my scrapbooks instead)
fishnoodles - iron on patch, beautiful reindeer (the kids are fighting over which of them will get this on an item of clothing. I think Kenna won because holden ran off with the iron on of veggies, and now I can't remember who made that one, sorry!)
Lil Birdie Bottoms - wipe solutions bud (going into my freebies bin since we have no one in diapers anymore)
Handmade by Debbie - vintage look Santa hair tie (going to Kenna again!)
There was also the veggies iron on, a coupon and a couple of ornaments that the kids ran off with.

All in all, this is the box that I will use the mot items from myself, for our family. I am very pleased with everything! I usually have lots of things to put in my freebies bins but not this month!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some new favorites

I love color. I love mixing colors together for Tri-Tones so I was very excited to do this wholesale order for Bums 'N' Roses, which included 7 Tri-Tones.



Night Light

Tropical Fish


The Tri-Tone that I cannot seem to name


Monday, November 10, 2008

It's November ... what are you thankful for?

The kids and I have been talking about the things we are thankful for. Holden is thankful for "eating turkey, being excited and playing that caveman game" (then he goes off on a tangent about Christmas, lol). Kenna is thankful for "our bunnies, turkey and mushrooms and my mommy and daddy". What are you thankful for this year? Post a comment by 11/15 with what you are thankful for and I will send one random commenter a copy of Earth*School's "We're Thankful for Thanksgiving" (e-version unit).

Thia year, I am thankful for my children and family, of course, and all of our health. I am also extremely thankful for all of my customers, who have made this year a truly wonderful year for me. I am also thankful for my sewing machine repairman who can fix anything and fix it quick, lol!

New DreamScapes and more

Winter themed DreamScape

Noah's ark, with appliquéd rainbow instead of embroidered


Fall Festival, a Tri-Tone turned into an LWI for a BedBug

And some bamboo velour pillowcases, I love these! The first is finished with satin blanket binding (same as our LoveScapes).

Monday, November 3, 2008


Some color from this weekend :)

Surprise Tri-Tone for Louise

Rainbow LWI for Louise

LWI in turquoise, green, purple, brown and wine for Heather

Parrot for Heather

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I *love* yarn. Everything about it - the colors, the smell, the feel ... So I am happy to announce our stocking today filled with yarn! Here are some sneak peeks:

"Pumpkinhead" with Meri of Handspun by SweetKnits

"Wicked" with Lisa of Selah

"Treat" with Julie of Selah

"Mane" with Diane of BugSnugger

The stocking is today at noon est!

Trick or Treat!

My kiddos on Halloween night :)

Holden, the frightful ghost (he wouldn't wear anything on his face so this is what I cam up with. He looked more like a wizard or Druid or something but he was warm and happy. Hey, last year the kid trick or treated in a pair of pajamas a a robe!) Note the *very scary* look on his face!

Kenna, the snow princess. Store bought costume, but she saw it and had to have it and it was perfect for her!

Both kiddos together, in a rare, really good shot: