Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Drum roll, please ...

we would like to introduce the newest member of our "'Scapes" family - The PlayScape! I have gotten numerous requests for DreamScapes in an AIO forum, but since the bamboo is so absorbent, it is not an option for an outer on an AIO or AI2. While discussing DreamScapes and AIOs with one customer, she volunteered to be my guinea pig. Knowing I would have a hard time getting around to it if it was not in my order log, I jumped at the chance. I am in love with this PlayScape.

Outer is cotton twill, so it dyed fairly nicely (not as nicely as BOV, but NOTHING dyes as nicely as BOV!), hidden PUL, inner is baby blue microfleece. Quick dry snap in contour soaker, organic cotton fleece topped with bamboo velour, just like in our regular AI2s. She requested a Noah's Ark theme and mentioned they liked lions and elephants. Dye is "blue waters". Front features a dove with branch flying past a rainbow; back features a hand drawn ark applique that I designed specifically so that the elephants and lions would fit, with a lion pair on deck, a monkey pair swinging from the cabin, an elephant pair nuzzling together while looking out the porthole and a parrot pair flying along. I am so happy with this, I hope you like it Carley!

I will be officially introducing these for sale this week at K&F Shops, where I will put up 2 custom PlayScape slots, Friday, 10/24 at noon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Argh, me mateys! Behold the last nappy from the current co-op, which walked the plank earlier today.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I know you ladies in the co-op have been patiently waiting for some new pics and I am running late! It takes so long to get all the pics taken and uploaded, but I just put new batteries in the camera and am working on getting up 5 orders at a time. So without further ado, check out the post below and i will be adding to it as I get pics off the camera. here are the first 5 now ...

Finally - the pics!

Sleigh bells


Black raspberry (only it turned out more of just raspberry)

Night sky

Northern lights and a girly surprise

Sleigh bells and hot air balloons

Butterflies and dragonflies with lilies

Windy day

Sleigh bells and dip dyed blue/green/yellow (both surprises)

Howling Wolf

Watermelon and light lagoon

Orange/red/wine LWI and brown/green/turquoise/wine/purple LWI

Cherry blossom Tri-Tone

Fitted with Heather Ross Mendocino Swimming Sisters print

Fairy flight, with a new fairy on front


Frog pond

Orange/yellow LWI (it is not really that blinding in real life, lol)

Pink/brown LWI


Lucy S
Dip dye light pink/dark pink with butterflies and dragonfly

Tri-Tone with crewel butterfly

LWI pink/green

Celtic moon on purple/blue LWI


Purple/blue/teal LWI - there really is purple in there. Tonight purple did not want to photograph!

Fairy Tales

August sunset with butterfly and dragonfly

Fairy tales



Dip dyed yellow/green/blue, with a bee

Cherry blossoms, geisha and butterfly

Strawberries and girly bugs

Happy star bunch

Baby orangutan

Royalty (there is purple in it, I swear, lol, it just won't photograph well)