Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Stalk BedBug Database Open!

BedBugs lately have become our most requested item, so I started a database to take orders with no stalking or waiting for a stocking! The database was opened up 2 weeks ago and has been running very smoothly. You can check it out by joining our mailing list using the link below, and going to the database page. Additional information (pricing, sizes, etc.) are in the files section there as well.

Holden's Landing Mailing List

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Come join our photo contest!

I am working on putting together a portfolio of my work, as well as working on my main site (which badly needs updating!), so I have decided to have a photo contest! Send pictures of your little ones in Holden's Landing (can be diapers, clothing, knits, anything) to me at bonnie@holdenslanding.com and I will choose my favorites and put them up here on my blog for everyone to vote on an all time favorite. The winner will receive one surprise diaper (winner to choose size, fitted or AI2, and boy/girl/gender neutral)!

Contest is open from now until my birthday, July 6th. Voting will them be from July 7-10 and I will announce a winner on July 12th.

By sending in photos, you are giving permission to have them used in my portfolio and/or on my website. Please do not submit photos if you do not agree to this. Thank you!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Custom AI2s

For a very patient customer :) I love these Heather Ross prints, they are just so cute!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Parting shot ...

The last of the pictures for the co-op

Melanie's ice cream set - the colors are off in this picture, it has been raining for a few days and I have no natural light. The pants are a really nice milk chocolate brown:

Steph's bees, bunnies and butterflies DreamScape:

Steph's fairy flight:

Heleanna's daisy fairy DreamScape - it is hard to tell in the picture, but on the front on the right is a little ladybug:

Natalie's dip dye:

Friday, June 6, 2008

The UK co-op is finished!

Yippee! I am taking some last minute pictures this afternoon and trying to find a box big enough to put everything in. But everything is all done and will be shipped later on this afternoon. Wait until you see the picture of everything together!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A few more pictures

Melanie's Lil' Stinker and hand prints - the hand print one is blue outer, yellow inner, green soaker, and the snaps on the front are red, yellow, green and purple:

Heleanna's Tri-Tone - I think you will like the colors better on this one :) I also took pictures of your Asian DreamScape this morning and decided there is something "off" about it, and I am going to make another one. Something about it is just bothering me, lol!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yooo hoooo, Natalie....

2 out of three. The other one still needs topstitching. I love the colors on these - hope you do too!!

Anyone for the beach?

Me! Me!! We love the beach. The kids and I spent Tuesday at the lake/dam, then Friday at the shore (where my 7 1/2 year old daughter found a large fish head, complete with hanging entrails. She was so happy - she carried it around for a while, proclaiming she would be bringing it home, but thankfully ended up leaving it on the beach, where she put the crabs she had caught on it to eat it), and this week we will be back at the lake/dam Tuesday again, and at our favorite ocean spot (more crab catching!) Thursday.

Ohhhh .... you want to see the beach nappies ??? OK! Be glad I didn't get a picture of the fish head ;)

Gozozale's ocean DreamScape:

Karen's ocean DreamScape:

Melanie's beach DreamScape - this one kept me up at night. I dyed fabric for this one 3 times, but could never get the sky and the water to look different and right. There would either be no difference at all, or so much of one that it looked terrible! So I made it a cloudy day at the beach, and the water is a little choppy, with lots of small waves breaking:

Almost finished ...

If you didn't see your nappy there, don't worry, I am still working. The new embroidery machine ate at least 3 or 4, so I redyed a bunch this morning and amworking on those now. I realized after I finished that Heleanna's Asian DreamScape is not in there, but is finished, so I will add those pictures to the next batch once I finish the rest.

I am running a few days behind where I originally thought I would be, but not too badly, considering I had no embroidery machine for 2 weeks! So I anticipate getting these out to Natalie Friday - woo hoo!!


Without further ado ...

Lisa's rainbow of mini wipes:

Gozozale's transportation fitted:

Lisa's LWI blue and green (a lot lighter than the original! Can't even believe it is the same exact color dyes, but it is!):

Jamling's LWI blues:

Jamling's Little Boy Blue:

Lisa's green bamboo:

Hanna's lilies fitted - I had to go with the vines topstitching rather than the flowers on this one because the flowers get lost in the plushness of the bamboo and you can't even tell what the design is. The vines look beautiful though and actually match a lot better. I hope you don't mind!:

Bethan's zoo animals DreamScape:

Lisa's zoo DreamScape - the macaw gave me a hard time! It was really hard to figure out what to do with him, because he is on a perch, so I made the perch look like a tree branch coming from the pine tree instead:

Jackie's patchwork DreamScape:

Sarah's girly bugs DreamScape:

Bethan's Asian theme DreamScape - I live the combo of applique (free hand) and embroidery on this one:

Helen's giraffes DreamScape - I adore this one! The color of the bamboo and the designs, this is one of my favorites!:

Hanna's Fairy Claire DreamScape - I added one little star to the front:

Dee's cow jumped over the moon - this dye is one of my favorites, I really love the way this one came out. The moon is a bamboo velour applique; the cow is fleece:

Hanna's counting sheep DreamScape:

Jackie's cool girl DreamScape:

Jamling's animals in the grass DreamScape:

Kate's bugs DreamScape - I usually go for more of a busy back and a less busy front, but I did this one the opposite. I like the 2 lone fireflies on the back, flitting around:

Kate's African savanna DreamScape - this is one of my favorite DreamScapes ever:

Sarah's Lilac fairies AI2 - I love this print!