Sunday, June 1, 2008


Without further ado ...

Lisa's rainbow of mini wipes:

Gozozale's transportation fitted:

Lisa's LWI blue and green (a lot lighter than the original! Can't even believe it is the same exact color dyes, but it is!):

Jamling's LWI blues:

Jamling's Little Boy Blue:

Lisa's green bamboo:

Hanna's lilies fitted - I had to go with the vines topstitching rather than the flowers on this one because the flowers get lost in the plushness of the bamboo and you can't even tell what the design is. The vines look beautiful though and actually match a lot better. I hope you don't mind!:

Bethan's zoo animals DreamScape:

Lisa's zoo DreamScape - the macaw gave me a hard time! It was really hard to figure out what to do with him, because he is on a perch, so I made the perch look like a tree branch coming from the pine tree instead:

Jackie's patchwork DreamScape:

Sarah's girly bugs DreamScape:

Bethan's Asian theme DreamScape - I live the combo of applique (free hand) and embroidery on this one:

Helen's giraffes DreamScape - I adore this one! The color of the bamboo and the designs, this is one of my favorites!:

Hanna's Fairy Claire DreamScape - I added one little star to the front:

Dee's cow jumped over the moon - this dye is one of my favorites, I really love the way this one came out. The moon is a bamboo velour applique; the cow is fleece:

Hanna's counting sheep DreamScape:

Jackie's cool girl DreamScape:

Jamling's animals in the grass DreamScape:

Kate's bugs DreamScape - I usually go for more of a busy back and a less busy front, but I did this one the opposite. I like the 2 lone fireflies on the back, flitting around:

Kate's African savanna DreamScape - this is one of my favorite DreamScapes ever:

Sarah's Lilac fairies AI2 - I love this print!


Heleanna said...

Oooooooh they are all stunning!! I want them all! Bonnie you are fantastic!

Kate said...

OMG!!! Soooooo happy! Thank you!

Liss said...

Wow wow wow!!

I am thrilled with all of mine, and the wipes - they're all awesome Bonnie, you sure have done some work on this hugeeeee order! Hehehe.

I think that Beth's animals dreamscape is my fave, along with the viney one of Hanna's - but then I look at the green one of mine and it's so simply beautiful I just can't make up my mind!

sarah said...

Wow, they are all fantastic.

Helbee21 said...

Gorgeous! Thank you so much for the pictures ... I love the giraffes too, they are great!