Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Look what we woke up to yesterday morning!

2 baby bunnies! We did not know our bunny Dandelion was pregnant, so this was quite a surprise. The kids are over the moon about the babies. They are so cute and little. We had to move the proud papa, Basil, to another cage so there are no more baby bunnies on the way, lol. We can't decide on names. We are tossing around Hazel and Fiver (from "Watership Down"). Kenna's suggestions last night? Calcium and Fiber. Ummm ... no. If there were three, they would inevitably be Flopsy, Mospy and Cottontail. It took almost a week to name the 2 original bunnies, so hopefully these little cuties will have names sooner than that!


Anonymous said...

Ohh yay, theyre awesome.

Congratulations to the proud parents hehe.

Rox x

Holden's Landing said...

We are sad to say that both baby bunnies passed away. They passed away Thursday, one in the Am and the other at night :( Th kids are so sad :( (me too!)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh no!!

im so sorry (only just read this) :o(

poor bunnies! how are the kids now?

its hard having pets sometimes, we've always had cats and i remember when one had kittens and one of those died, i was so sad - poor things.

*hugs* to you all x

Holden's Landing said...

They are ok now, but it took a wile. They wanted to get rid of the bunnies for good so we never have to deal with that again. They are feeling better now though, thanks.