Monday, November 10, 2008

It's November ... what are you thankful for?

The kids and I have been talking about the things we are thankful for. Holden is thankful for "eating turkey, being excited and playing that caveman game" (then he goes off on a tangent about Christmas, lol). Kenna is thankful for "our bunnies, turkey and mushrooms and my mommy and daddy". What are you thankful for this year? Post a comment by 11/15 with what you are thankful for and I will send one random commenter a copy of Earth*School's "We're Thankful for Thanksgiving" (e-version unit).

Thia year, I am thankful for my children and family, of course, and all of our health. I am also extremely thankful for all of my customers, who have made this year a truly wonderful year for me. I am also thankful for my sewing machine repairman who can fix anything and fix it quick, lol!


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my babies who bring a smile to my face everytime I look at them. I am even more thankful that they bring a smile to each other faces.

Ronda Miel said...

I am thankful for having a supportive husband who takes care of the children. I'm thankful for my 3 children, it's wonderful to see them how they learn about the world around them. I'm also thankful for my parents who are very supportive and help out a lot.

Holden's Landing said...

Carley is our winner! chose #1 as our random number! Congrats!!