Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Favorite: Doodles Jewels

Danielle from Doodles Jewels has to be one of my all time favorite artisans. I have a weakness for gorgeous stone necklaces and Danz keeps me very well supplied. I own about 3 dozen of her pieces, each one more beautiful than the next.


Valentine's Day weekend we went away for a romantic weekend (A and me, not Danz and me :P) and of course, I had to wear one of my gorgeous Doodles Jewels creations ... which I put in my backpack when I took it off and then dropped it somewhere! Probably on the beach in the 30 mile an hour frigid wind gusts. I was devastated! The first thing I did when we got home was message Danz and ask if i could have her make me a new one ... and she obliged! I adore working with Danz - her creativity and vision when it comes to jewelry knows no bounds. Her eye is amazing. Her jewelry is built to last (unless, like me, you drop it somewhere and can't remember where - I don't recommend this) and her customer service is impeccable. She has some gorgeous pieces instock right now, pieces that I am trying very hard to resist splurging on ...

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