Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Together Tuesday: St. Patrick's Day Craft

You may not find a real pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day, but at least you can have a pot of gold candle holder on your nature table or dining room table! For each candle holder you will need a clean baby food jar with the label removed, or a small canning jar, black tissue paper torn into small pieces, gold, yellow or orange tissue paper torn into small pieces, a paintbrush, decoupage medium or watered down tacky glue and a tea light candle. Coat the mouth of the jar with glue and adhere the gold (or yellow or orange) tissue paper pieces to resemble gold peeking out of the pot. You will need more than one layer, so once the first layer is down, spread more glue and add another layer. Once your gold is finished, cover the rest of the jar with glue and add the black tissue paper in the same fashion. Let dry thoroughly then add your tea light. When the tea light is lit, the flame will make the gold in your pot shine brightly!
copyright 2004-2010 Earth*School, Bonnie Vontz

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