Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Together Tuesday: *Egg*straordinary Art

It’s that time of year again – egg dyeing time! Sure, you can go out and buy those prepackaged kits to dye your eggs, and those can be tons of fun, but you probably already have so many items in your home already to use!
Food coloring or kool aid – add some vinegar to a cup of water, then add kool aid mix or food coloring (gel or liquid) and dye your eggs with that
Stickers – Adorn dyed or white eggs with stickers to create miniature works of art
Yarn – spread glue on a white or dyed egg and wrap lengths of colorful yarn around
Stamps – use stamps and ink to decorate one of a kind eggs
Crayons – melt crayons in muffin tins in your oven on a low temp. Use an old paintbrush to paint the wax onto the eggs in designs. You can then dye the eggs and the dye will only take where there is no wax, creating a marbled look.

* From Earth*School "Spring Fling"
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