Friday, September 5, 2008

Dyeing, dyeing, dyeing

Not all of it of course, but some of the dyes for the current co-op order. I spent all of Wednesday evening/night dyeing and was really happy with most of the dyes. There are a couple in my pile this morning that I cannot attribute into anyone's order, lol, so I need one more dye session to complete dyeing for the co-op. For some reason, that is the most stressful part of a co-op for me - waiting to have all the dyeing finished. I am not sure why, probably because once everything is all dyed up and in my sewing room, I know I can really dig in my heels and get to work. I have started embroidering, which will take me at least the next week-week and a half. I plan to cut the rest of the pieces for all the nappies while I embroider (and work on some instock too), so I am hoping to have all the cutting/prep work and all the embroidery done by 9/20. That will give me 16 days to get all the sewing done - which, really, is the easy part! By the time I put the nappy on the sewing machine, I think to myself, "Whew! This is almost finished!". It's all the prep work that takes forever - cutting, dyeing, embroidering, cutting and assembling soakers, sewing in the hidden layers, snapping and pinning. Once they get to the machine to be sewn up, it's a piece of cake!


Natalie said...

Yum Yum :o)

sarah said...

As always, looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see some more sneaky peaks!

Tanya said...

Looks fabulous - can't wait to see the finished products.

Kelly said... so excited...cant wait to see more peeks too....soo looking forward to these!! :D