Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Favorite - Dashing Dachs

This week's favorite is a long time favorite of mine, Dashing Dachs. Hillary always manages to dye my absolute favorite colorways - goldfish, pumpkinhead, caramel apple, the moors, owlie ... I could go on and on. Hillary is a master with color, and has an eye for colors that will look absolutely stunning together. I have enjoyed buying yarn from Hillary since Dashing Dachs opened in 2004, and hope to continue to buy her fabulous fibers for years to come!

Hillary and I actually have a collaboration going up on Sunday night - an auction for 8 ounces of "Pumpkinhead", which is my new favorite colorway, and I have some sitting right here waiting for me to knit it up, along with a made-to-match Tri-Tone fitted bamboo velour diaper.

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