Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Favorite (late!)

I kept falling asleep yesterday (morning, afternoon and evening - I don't know what got into me yesterday!) so I never got around to posting my Friday Favorite!

This week, I have to choose Rising Sun Earthworks. I actually received my order from June last week, but I am in love with my bowls.

The picture doesn't do them justice (and I had to even use June's picture because all the ones I tried to take of the bowls turned out awful!). They are beautiful. When I opened up the box, my kids were so excited, and Holden even squealed "There are THREE bowls and three of US!" - he was beyond excited that we were each getting a bowl because I do happen to guard my handmade mugs with my life and no one else is allowed to use them ;) Speaking of which, I have a mug from June as well, which matches these bowls beautifully. I will be all matchy matchy now when I eat my cereal and drink my tea that is, when I remember to eat breakfast - I should probably go make a bowl of cereal now). I am dying to successfully stalk a pie plate before the end of apple picking season; I have grand plans of apple pies and caramel apple pies with our freshly picked apples and one of June's pie plates. I just have to have quicker fingers!

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