Thursday, September 25, 2008

Embroidery work for the current co-op

I finished up the embroidery work early this week, but have subsequently fallen asleep at 9 pm while putting Holden to bed every night this week. Ugh! While I am feeling unusually rested, lol, I am not getting enough work time in and am behind in posting pics and in my emails. If you have an email out to me this week and haven't heard back, please email me again because chances are it got buried in he huge pile of things I have to answer!

Anyway, on to the pictures :) It is pitch black here now so I had to use indoor lighting, which is not capturing colors (especially anything with pink or red in it) very well, so keep that in mind while browsing ;) This is not everything, just a bunch, I think I pulled out at least one from everyone's order to photograph -- except Natalie because she told me to surprise her so I am not telling which one I did!!




Helen - it's really red and not orange!




Lucy S - the color is really bad on this. It is on a light pink background, but I can't get it to photograph:






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Helbee21 said...

Love the balloon! The sky looks fantastic! Thanks Bonnie!!