Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stocking tonight at Tree of Life

I have a little bit of a compulsive buying issue when it comes to embroidery designs ... there are SO many! They are instant gratification - I can find one and have it stitching out in 2 minutes flat! And they're reusable - what more could you possibly ask for?

These are my current favorite designs. I have decided that i need to embroider Finnigan on the leg of my jeans. I adore foxes, and pumpkins are my favorite thing ever. I just can't decide if he is too childish for my jeans ...

Finnigan Fox

Holden Hedgehog

Sullivan Squirrel

Maisy Mouse

Bridgit Bunny

I also have a semi-custom slot up for Carleigh Chickadee

You pick size, finishing style (T&T or serged), snap color, serging color if applicable, and core placement.

The stocking tonight is at 9:30, at Tree of Life

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