Sunday, August 31, 2008

All in a day's work

My weekends are pretty much devoted to one thing - sewing. The kids and I don't do anything on the weekends, because we would rather do all of our errands and go places during the week when everything is less crowded. As a result, we are always home on the weekends and i sew, sew, sew. The kids are treated to being able to pull out all the craft stuff they want, play on the computer and watch their movies whenever they want to on the weekends, and are also treated to dinner out on Sundays usually because by then the last thing i want to do is go in the kitchen and cook.

So here is yesterday's work.

This is a custom order for a trade (for my kiddos' main Christmas pressent - shh!!!). 9 diapers in total - 4 DreamScapes (Celestial, Celtic Sun, Celtic Moon, and Bees), 2 Tri-Tones (light pink/gray/orange and hot pink/light pink/lavender), 1 solid fitted (green) and 1 LWI fitted (Northern Lights) and 1 AI2 (goth baby pink skulls).

These are most, but not quite all, of the Round 12 BedBugs from the No Stalk BedBug database. We have Jennifer's, Ellen's and Jaime's completed orders, Sarah's BedBugs (fitteds I am working on today), and one of Nanette's BedBugs and one of Dawn's BedBugs (I am working on the rest of those orders today as well).

Phew! Thankfully it was only just the sewing yesterday - all the diaper cuts were already dyed and snapped and all the embroidery was done. But 16 completed diapers in one day may be my new record!

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