Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I love collaborating!

I love creating things to go with other people's items. I love getting their items in the mail and putting then together with mine. It makes me happy :)

Shannon at Woolybottoms makes the most adorable footies EVER. Makes me wish Holden was still in diapers. Actually, he can very well wear a pair of wool footies in the winter to bed. now my wheels are turning, I may need to get him his own pair! I sent Shannon a piece of this new owls knit that I have. She used it for the footies (so CUTE!) and I used it as the outer for a BedBug (rare, since I almost never use print outers for them). I wasn't so sure on the shirt color at first, but after 5 stores and not finding what I was looking for (black or taupe/tan), I decided to try the appliqué on it and see how I felt when it was done. I ended up being quite happy that I could no find another shirt. The set has the perfect colors for fall - I love it!

Carm from Clear Hills Honey Company and I also decided to do a collaboration. Being this one was with CHHC, what else could the theme be but bees and honey? PlayScape (our new version of the DreamScape, minus the microfiber, for day time use) features bees and a hive. Carm supplied adorable little silk baby shoes embroidered with honeybees, bee balm, honey sticks, lip balm (these lip balms are my favorite - if you haven't tried them, you have to!) and vanilla honey cream.

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