Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Favorite

The amount of amazingly talented artisans out there is staggering. I try to buy most everything I can from other at home businesses and artisans. I am going to devote some time every Friday to my favorites from the week :)

This week, I had the pleasure of doing a trade with Janine from Z to A Baby. Holden has decided the only clothing worth wearing is boxer shorts, so she made him up 4 pairs of adorable boxers with matching raglan tees to go with them. Let me tell you, you have never seen a kid so happy and excited to get underwear n the mail. Just don't try to tell him that this is underwear - this is now his uniform. he wears these boxers and tees as stand alone clothes - to the grocery store, park, visiting friends, dinner at my parent' house ... Janine's sewing is flawless, and the fit is perfect. Not only on 4 1/2 year old Holden, but also on almost 8 year old (in just over a week!!) McKenna as well (yes, all the sets are the same size, my children simply do no grow). McKenna is modeling the penguins set; Holden is sporting the pumpkins set. We also received an "Ahoy" set and a dinosaur set. We almost had World War 3 when Kenna put these on to go to bed tonight. I neglected to get a picture of that though, I waited until they settled into my bed to read some books.

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