Sunday, August 3, 2008

So what did I do with this like new machine?

Well, I have gone through 5 bobbins in 24 hours! I have been sewing like mad. I was afraid that I would end up running late on the Round 8 Bedbugs because of the machine being serviced (and the fact that it was not working right before i brought it in, so I lost more than just he one day it was in the shop), but I managed 11 BedBugs (they were all cut and snapped and ready to sew up) between 10:30-midnight Friday night and 10:30 - 1:30 Saturday.

Here are the Round 8 BedBugs that went out today:

I also managed 3 instock diapers for my green stocking tomorrow on my hyena cart and one instock BedBug for the Dusk to Dawn stocking on K&F on 8/8. Tomorrow will be devoted to more Dusk to Dawn items for that - including a brand new product for Holden's Landing -- but I am not telling what it is!! You will have to see for yourself on 8/8 at 8! You *might* get a sneak peek here early in the week ;)

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