Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Together Tuesday

Today's Together Tuesday activity comes from our Earth*School unit "Spring Fling".

Baby Bunnies
This is a very cute art activity that makes an even cuter keepsake, especially when you make them every year. All you need is a piece of construction paper (light color), white paint, any bunny colored paint your child likes, pink paint and a paintbrush. Paint your child’s foot in the bunny color of his/her choice, excluding the toes. Paint his/her big toe white; this is the bunny’s fluffy little tail. Have your child stamp his/her foot onto the paper. Now add some details. On the bunny’s face (the heel), use pink paint to add a little nose. Paint your child’s index and middle fingers and use them to print the ears. Let dry and cut out your bunny to display in a spring time mural (below). Don’t forget to save the bunny so that you can compare how big the bunny has grown when you make one next year :)

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