Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pac Man

I got the kids these really cool things for Christmas, called Magnetiles. They are thooughly addicting to play with. The kids have come up with all sorts of nifty things with them - a cat and dog, a helicopter, a train ... most of these creations are McKenna's (who is 8 1/2). Holden's (just turned 5) creations are usually limited to, "Look mama - I made a dance floor!" or, 'Mama! Mama! I made a pattern!!". so imagine my surprise this afternoon when he came in to show me that he made Pac Man! he had to point out to me though that the "real" Pac Man is flat, but he couldn't make his flat ;)

He, of course, wanted a photo session with Pac Man.

Hey bud, let's see Pac Man!

Ummm ... great. Now can I see *you* too??

Ahhhhh ..... it's eating me!!!!

and just because I wanted to play around with some of the functions I never use in photoshop ...

I think the Easter Bunny may be bringing the see through set next month. *I* want the see through set!

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