Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Together Tuesday

Beginning today, every Tuesday will be "Together Tuesday" - the day I will post an Earth*School activity for you and your little ones to do together :)

* Shamrock bean bag games
Bean bag games are popular in our house. You can make simple beanbags by cutting 2 identical squares of wool felt or other fabric, sewing up three and a half sides (right sides together), turning them inside out and filling with rice, beans, popcorn seeds, then stitching closed. Paint a shamrock on a bean bag and play Pass the Shamrock.
Pass the Shamrock (sung to The Wiggles’ “Hot Potato”)
Pass the shamrock, pass the shamrock.
Pass the shamrock, pass the shamrock.
Pass the shamrock, pass the shamrock.
The shamrock. The shamrock. The shamrock. The shamrock.

Switch!! (at this time you stop and quickly start passing the
shamrock in the opposite direction).
Keep passing and singing faster and faster!

Other simple and fun bean bag activities:
Toss the bean bag back and forth to each other
Line up cups at one end of the room and try tossing the bean bag
into the cups
Bring in your basketball hoop and play beanbag basketball
Try balancing the bean bag on various body parts – don’t forget
unusual parts for balance such as your elbow, the back of your
knee, the back of your neck, your big toe, etc.
Walk across the room with the beanbag balanced on your head, nose,
outstretched hand
Place a bunch of bean bags on the floor in a trail and hope over them

(From Earth*School "Late Winter Holidays" unit, copyright 2005-2009 Bonnie Elizabeth Vontz)

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