Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cake Ball Cupcakes

This is the most cooking fun we have had in a long while! Two days of chocolate, sprinkles and cake!

I am fairly obsessed with The Pioneer Woman blog. I have made tons of her recipes, wait on bated breath for the next installment of "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels", and drool over the photos of her ranch and animals. It is my favorite blog, right up there with Cake Wrecks. Well, when Ree posted about making these little cake ball cupcakes with another blogger, Bakerella, who's blog I also enjoy, I knew this would be the perfect activity to do with the kids.

Day 1

I baked the cake ad did all the mixing, so no pictures of that. Holden was recruited as Chief Cake Ball Maker

This is messy work, mama!

Holden was quick to point out that mine were too big and his were just right. That's why he was the Chief Cake Ball Maker, and not me ;)

Really bad picture of me while making the cake balls into cupcake shapes. I actually had the right cookie cuter on hand for the job. Surprise, surprise! (Ha ha, I am a cake decorator supply harder ... and a kitchen gadget and craft supply hoarder as well)

Day 2

Dipping in sprinkles was the "funnest" part!


Precision decorating, look at that concentration


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