Monday, March 16, 2009

Leprechaun Traps

Leprechaun Catching 101

1 - Set the scene. This year, the scene comes complete with a grass covered hill, a rope to climb up the hill and a nice little bush at the top. Picturesque, no?

2 - Set the trap. See, this unsuspecting-looking hillside is really a cardboard box with a hole cut into it. A leprechaun sized hole, no less. If you look directly into the hole, you can see that Holden has hidden some "gold" in there (no really, he actually parted company with some of his pennies for this). Absolutely irresistible for a leprechaun.

3 - Be clever. Check out the sign, it clearly states "No Leprocons". Clever. Those leprechauns will never be able to resist.

4 - Wait. That is, of course, the hardest part. Of course, it is a lot easier if you are asleep.

Aren't they peaceful when they sleep? Sigh.

Will they catch a leprechaun? Will those cunning leprechauns outsmart the Devious Duo? Tune in tomorrow to see what happens ...


Wouldn't you know - the leprechauns visited us last night! Clever as the trap was, they did not fall in. Instead they left the following note:

Clever, clever little kids
Try to find where our gold is hid
To catch a leprechaun you set a trap
Thinking maybe we would leave you a map
There will be no map for you this year
But plant these magic seeds here
Wait a day and you never know
What will start to grow ...

As luck would have it, we had the perfect mini pots for the little seeds so they are now sitting in the window in the dining room. I am not sure the kids will make it til tomorrow to see what grows. Right now, the guesses are a gold tree (Holden's guess) and a miniature pony tree (Kenna's guess).

ETA ... I was just reminded that I never posted what the magic beans grew. Well, *someone* had a very forgetful day on St. Patrick's Day (forgot to take Kenna to gymnastics, forgot to move the car, forgot to go to the store ...). The beans ultimately grew little M&M flowers, which looked awfully adorable in the mini pots they were planted in :)

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie, your house hold sounds so fun! I am excited about what will grow from the seeds now! x