Thursday, November 12, 2015


Monday - Playgroup.  We had a trip to one of our favorite pumpkin farms scheduled today.  Unfortunately, we spent almost all this week sick with a nasty bug, so we missed out.  

Tuesday - baking day.  My, my, pumpkin pie! 


I think Ana may like baking day best.  She doesn't even care if she gets to eat it; she really enjoys the process of cooking/baking.  Anything and everything. 

"More cream, mama".  Then, of course, she wouldn't eat it and had to take it off. 

Pumpkin pie meets with Meema's approval for sure! 

Wednesday - Painting day.  I saw a lot of these glue resist pumpkin paintings on pinterest.  I dd the glue the night before.  

This was another painting project where she painted everything but the paper. 

I made one too.  Can you guess which one is mine?

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