Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Fun

Monday - Playgroup day, but we were supposed to be away this week and didn't have it.   But we did handprints to turn into leaves at a previous playgroup, which we finished and hung in our windows

Tuesday - Baking Day.  The apple roses have been popping up on facebook for a few weeks now, so we tried it out today.  We used Gluten Free on a Shoestring's sopapilla recipe for the crust/dough.  It didn't roll up as well as I had hoped.  Next time, I will try a different dough. 

 They tasted yummy though! (and isn't my Rising Sun Earthworks mug awesome?!?)

Wednesday - Painting day.  We worked on prototypes of our Martinmas lanterns this week. 

Thursday - Sensory/tactile.  We took out the rice box early in the day at our usual activity time.  It was Meema's first rice box experience.  She loves to run her fingers through it!

But the big attraction this week was setting up the corn box.  150 pounds of corn from Tractor Supply (which we will later grind for bird and chicken feed for the winter) + one of our sandboxes = 3 very happy children (the 15yo checked it out, ran her fingers through it, said, "Cool", and went back upstairs).   I suspect we will be spending a lot of time in here before the weather gets too cold.

Friday:  Craft day.  Button trees.  Mama got to try out the block crayons for tree drawing.  On my list of things to do this fall is to watch the block crayon tutorials and learn some drawing techniques.  Drawing is definitely NOT my strong point!

And the book box came! This is definitely one of the highlights of every month!

Ana's developed an obsession with (1) putting everything in baggies, and (2) lining everything up.  I almost always have to step over lines of toys like this now.

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