Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Martinmas has to be my favorite of the festivals. The cold, crisp night air, the smell of beeswax candles, a bonfire ... and the spirit of helping others. 

Monday - We had our playgroup here in the evening.  We started with a pot luck dinner, which everyone shared, in honor of St Martin.  Once it was dark, we lit our lanterns (with real candles this year!) and took a walk through the driveway.  We ended with a bonfire in the backyard with s'mores and other yummy chocolate desserts.


Tuesday - Baking day.  Tuesday was the day before Martinmas, so Ana and I started to get ready.  We made some gluten free horseshoe cookies

Holden and I worked on some beeswax lanterns that night, once the littles went to bed. They came out beautifully.  Our balloons were a little too big so they are more like candle bowls than lanterns, but we really enjoyed making them and the are beautiful all lit up!

Wednesday - Painting day.   We didn't paint this week; instead we added another baking day to get our Martinmas dinner ready for that night.  Ana had a lot of fun making gluten free weckmenn (which was very yummy!!)


Our holiday dinner consisted of the traditional "goose" (which for us was roasted chicken - Holden and Kenna would never eat goose if I tried to make it!), winter squash, salad, weckmenn, and horseshoe cookies for dessert.  We ate by candlelight (with the lights on dim after candles started almost getting knocked over - candlelight dinner with 4 kids is not an easy task!)

Thursday - Sensory/tactile day.  We rolled and decorated beeswax candles today.


  Ana is a little young for this for sure, but she enjoyed it.

Friday - craft day.  I had planned on painting some fabric to make a blanket today, but Ana had other plans.  She requested lots of books and snuggle time, so that's what we did ♥

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