Thursday, November 12, 2015


Monday - Playgroup.  Nothing this week.  

Tuesday - Baking day.  Went out into the herb garden to cut fresh herbs for herbed popovers today. 

Gluten free popovers are tricky - they don't always pop.  These came out wonderfully though! We used the recipe from 12 Loaves

Wednesday - Painting day.  This may be the first painting activity where she painted the paper rather than herself :P  Fall colored leaves. 

Thursday - Sensory/Tactile day.  Dried beans and various scoops.  

Friday - Craft day.  Leaf suncatchers.  I spread out contact paper and Ana stuck pieces of kite paper all over.  I covered it with another piece of contact paper and cut out some leaf shapes and hung them on the windows. 

Some of the books we are reading this week: 

Our board is looking very festive and fall like!

Count On It leaves game.  I love how these have no set instructions; Ana can just make up the game as she goes along. 

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