Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bears & Owls

This has been my favorite week yet! Our cornerstone books this week were "Bear Snores On"and "Little Owls' Night". 

The best thing about this week is our new bear cave.

I happened to see something like this on pinterest Sunday, so I went through the house looking for boxes big enough, but we didn't have any.  We did have display boards though.  2 black display boards for the cave, 1 additional white one, cut up for the back and cave front, half a roll of kraft paper, and almost an entire roll of packing tape later, we had this!

It is surprisingly sturdy.  It has stood up to not only Ana, Meems, and Holden, but 2 weeks in a row  now of playgroup craziness. We spent much of the week curled up in there reading bear books.  It is big enough that mama and Ana can fit in together.  But it is coziest with a big pillow and warm blanket.

Monday - Playgroup.  We began our Martinmas preparations this week by making lanterns for our lantern walk next week. 

Tuesday - Baking day.  What else but honey cookies?

Even better ... honey cookies shaped like bear and his woodland friends!

We also made some honey nuts in preparation for our bear snores on party.  These were delicious and so simple.  We just mixed some local honey into a bowl of peanuts and almonds, spread them into a pan, sprinkled with sea salt and roasted on 450 for a few minutes.  

Wednesday - Painting day.  Night sky finger painting.  Blue, black, and purple paints, and a large sheet of heavy watercolor paper

Mama didn't check the glitter container - the wrong side of the lid was open! LOTS of glitter!!

Later in the week, once it was dry, Ana added some shimmery star stickers to the painting.  They didn't stick where there was glitter, which was almost everywhere.  

Thursday - Sensory/Tactile day.  I had one project in mind, Ana had another.  

I made night sky dough.   I loved it.  Ana enjoyed it as well, but not as much as I had hoped. 


Holden and I have been working with clay all week.  He's been sculpting some characters and I've been making Christmas ornaments.  So Ana didn't want super cool night sky playdough - with glitter! -  she wanted clay.  We broke out the woodland animal cookie cutters again and she made a bunch of clay animals that we'll paint when dry and use for Christmas ornaments this year. 


Friday - Bear Snores On party!

They popped white corn and they brewed black tea ...

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