Thursday, April 2, 2009


For those of you who read my blog regularly, you may think I am reposting the same picture from before ... ummmm, well, no. This is the 3rd set of baby bunnies we have had! I know, I get the whole reproducing like rabbits thing. But here's the kicker. When Dandelion had the first litter (2 babies) 2 days before Thanksgiving, I took Basil out of her cage and put him in a separate cage. They have been in separate cages with 3-4" separating the cages and 2 sets of bars. The first set of babies died on Thanksgiving at 2 days old. chalked it up to mom being too young, she didn't know what to do with them. They were adorable, but really small.

Fast forward to Christmas. The morning after Christmas, Kenna comes running in here screaming that there are MORE baby bunnies! I didn't believe her at first, but she sounded very convincing (my kids are the world's worst liars, lol) so I went to check ... sure enough, this time there were 4. We joked for the week and a half that that set lived that this was the Christmas miracle - the virgin bunny birth. (Dandelion was probably pregnant concurrently with the two litters, having gotten pregnant right before giving birth the first time, or getting pregnant immediately upon giving birth).

So fast forward to almost Easter (are you seeing a theme here?) ... Tuesday, Kenna comes running in here again screaming that there are yet MORE baby bunnies. I didn't want to believe her. But I learned from my mistake the first time and went in to check. Yup. You guessed it. 4 more baby bunnies. They are awfully cute. They are bigger than the previous 6, so maybe these ones have a chance. But seriously, how is this rabbit getting pregnant? Theories range from virgin births, to wild rabbits getting to her and impregnating her (the rabbits live in my kitchen in our 3rd floor apartment), to the male impregnating her across the 3-4 inch space through the two cages, to the male getting out of his cage (which he has done a few times in the middle of the night) and somehow sidling up to her cage and impregnating her that way to Dandelion propping her cage door open with a carrot so that Basil can get in for a tryst when no one is looking ... I have no idea.

If we weren't quoted nearly $400 to have Basil neutered, I would have done it a long time ago!


paisleyrox said...

i remember the last bunnies, hope these bunnies make it x

personally i like the last idea best, just the idea of the carrot propping the door open has me laughing.

perhaps she is one of those really fertile 'people' where "he only has to look at me and im pregnant" lol!!

keep us updated :o)

paisleyrox said...

p.s., i adore the little black & pink one in the middle - should you need a name, if its a boy, may i suggest Eddy, after my own black & white furry, my kitty :oD


Holden's Landing said...

We won't know if they are boys or girls for weeks. It is not readily apparent in young bunnies whether they are males or females. In fact, our vet mis-sexed 5 out of our 6 other rabbits. When we were bringing them in for their initial visits, it became the joke to ask him what sex they were, because then we would know they were the opposite ;)

They are tentatively named Hazel & Fiver (these were the names of the original 2 babies as well, and the name of two of the set of 4 from Christmas) & Clover (which was the name of one of our original 6 bunnies way back when, pre-kids) & Chocolate.

They are still alive this morning.