Monday, April 6, 2009

Fantasy Forest

I am really, really loving making these blankets. This one is for Angel's sweet little Lette, a fantasy forest scene.

mom2kbeth's Fantasy Forest photosetmom2kbeth's Fantasy Forest photoset

I had wanted to include at least one unicorn, but the scale was off, and it made the fairies seem gigantic, so I left out the unicorn. That's ok, because I am now working on a new blanket with moon phases and frolicking unicorns ;)

This blanket now takes the prize as the single item with the most embroidery stitches on it, tipping the scales at over 137,650!!!


Melanie said...

okay I definately need one of those for Charlie!
how much are they again Bonnie?

Holden's Landing said...

$60. Shipping to the UK would be about $7.50. :)

Katie said...

This is GORGEOUS! I'm so glad I ordered one from you...and that you get to use unicorns on mine lol!

Katie said...

PS I'm already trying to decide what theme to get when I order one for the little guy ;)

Holden's Landing said...

Thanks Katie :) I am working on yours now and hope to have a bunch of pics up for yours b the end of the week :)