Friday, April 3, 2009

Blast from the past

My bestest friend in the whole world has been telling me i need to join Facebook. I have resisted, since, really, do I need another thing on the computer to suck away the time I already don't have? Well, I finally succumbed because she had some pictures of us from a loooooooong time ago posted on there and I had to see them.

3rd grade - was not a good year for me. In second grade, I was a cute kid. I had really long hair, down to my butt. My mom got tired of chasing me around to get me to dry it so she had it all chopped off into the horrid Dorothy Hamil haircut. When they were done you couldn't see the floor. I was traumatized for life. I will never have short hair again. Ever. I mean it. So I got to start 3rd grade in a new school looking like a little boy. Gee thanks mom ;) It had grown out a little by the time this picture was taken, but looking at it, I am not sure that was a *good* thing. Of course, 3rd grade *was* the year I met my bestest friend, so I guess it turned out ok.

4th grade - still bad hair. And what is up with all those knee socks??

5th grade - ahh, that's better. And here I am sitting right next to the kid that will, 2 years later, be my first kiss.

Can you guess which one I am in each picture? First person to get all 3 right will get a prize. Not sure what yet, but it will be something good :) Post your guesses to the comments section. I will take guesses until Monday night (4/6) at midnight. Here's something to make it a little easier ...

Since I get recognized at the grocery store/gas station/walking the dog (ok, I have no dog, but you get the idea) all the time ... "I know you, you were in my kindergarten/preschool/7th grade homeroom class!" ... I know I have always pretty much looked the same (other than more than a couple of really bad hair years. Don't get me started on the big hair days!), here are some recent pics to help you in identifying.

2007 with Holden

2008 with my pumpkin

2008 laughing maniacally on Christmas Eve with my younger brother as we all sang/played Rockband.


Anonymous said...

Hehe... if youre who i think you are on photo 3, i looove your hair - too cute!!


Photo 1 (Top photo): 2nd row up from the bottom, girl on the very end, right.

Photo 2 (Middle photo): Bottom row, girl 2nd in (sitting down) from the left.

Photo 3: (Bottom photo): Bottom row, 1st girl on the very end, left.


sarah said...

I think mine are the same as Rox

Top Photo - 3rd row down on far right

Middle Photo - Bottom row, 2nd in from left

Bottom Photo - Bottom Row on far left (with the gorgeous hair & green top)

Holden's Landing said...

Boy, I thought it would take a little longer than that, lol! I should have known ;) Rox is right (and quick!!). I already have your address so something will b heading your way either tomorrow or Monday, depending on how productive I can be in he next hour or two. Congrats!

And thanks to you both on the 5th grade hair compliments. It's *much* better than the 3rd and 4th grade hair ;) Although looking at the pictures, a bunch of us have that really bad hair do. Must have been *fashionable*, lol!

Anonymous said...

haha! *wooo*

Your eyes gave it away for me, very distinctive :oD