Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Since Holden's birthday last week, we have been discussing what he wanted as a present. He is the at the same time the easiest and hardest little kid to shop for. On one hand, he loves and appreciates everything so I can get him a bag of twist ties and a pair of underwear and he is a happy camper. On the other hand, coming up with an idea beyond twist ties and underwear can be a challenge, especially since his birthday comes only 6 weeks after Christmas. So today we trekked on over to Target to let him pick something out. Well, we trekked to Target because we needed toilet paper, rabbit litter, a toy for Holden and a bathing suit for me, and that's the only place we could get everything at once. And do not get me started on the bathing suits - this season's bathing suits are obviously brought to you by men. Almost every single suit in the store was a string bikini.

Stretchy lizard - $2.99
Bouncy ball - $7.99
Package of 4 fake medals to wear around his neck - $1.99
Having a happy little guy - Priceless

He gave each of us a medal when he got home - Kenna's, he said, was for being a good "Time 4 Learner" and mine was for being a good diaper maker. He hasn't yet figured out what to do with the 4th medal since there are only 3 of us.

While at Target, Kenna found an Easy Bake Oven. As she stood there musing wistfully, "When it's *my* birthday, I hope this is still here ... " (her birthday is 6 months away), I stood there wistfully remembering the fun I had with my childhood Easy Bake Oven. So under the guise of it being a birthday present for Holden and Kenna to share, we brought home the Easy Bake Oven. They must have wised up since i was a kid to the fact that boys like to cook little cakes with light bulbs as well, because this Easy Bake Oven is not hot pink.

Oh the memories ...

Mixing up the tiny amount of batter to put in the teeny little pan

Let's see if this light bulb really cooks something ...

It worked! On to the frosting ...


Thanks mom!

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