Saturday, May 10, 2008

Water hole

This is the last set of embroideries I was able to get out of my machine today. I really like the way this one turned out. It is a safari inspired DreamScape for the UK coop order. The mama wanted something in a safari theme that included an elephant, so here is "The Water Hole".

The water hole is free form stitched on my regular sewing machine. Around the water hole are 3 elephants, a giraffe and a gazelle. This is the back of this particular DreamScape. The front has the infamous 1 hour rock so far, and will have a pride of lions and a rhino on it once I get my new machine.


Liss said...

That's just lovely! I am really enjoying reading about your progress with our order so far :D

Kate said...

Ooooh, is that mine?! It's gorgeous!

Holden's Landing said...

it is yours Kate :) I can't wait to get back to it so I can finish it!