Saturday, May 24, 2008

As promised - some pics for the UK Co-op!

I know I am very late with the pictures, lol! I have been sewing, sewing, sewing, then have fallen asleep 4 times this week while putting Holden to bed between 8 - 9:00! Without further ado, here are some of the diapers that are finished. I hope to have all the embroidery work done this weekend, I am about to drop my kiddos off at a friend's house for their very first play date without mama, so I can get some more work done :)

Jackie's DreamScapes:

Dee's Follow the Leader:

Helen's Tri-Tone:

Jackie's Tri-tones:

Heleanna's Tri-tone:

Progress update:

Hanna's diapers are finished, I just need to topstitch them all

Jackie's diapers are finished

Sarah's diapers are finished

Kate's DreamScapes are finished

Dee's diaper's are finished

Lisa's wipes are done, diapers are finished

Heleanna's Tri-Tone is finished (and it is really lilac, not blue!), Asian DreamScape is embroidered, waiting to be sewn. Fairyland is dyed, waiting for me to finish all the other embroideries so I can give it some special attention, lol!

Bethan's diapes are finished

Jamling's (sorry, I don't have your first name here!) DreamScape is embroidered, yours are next to be sewn

Helen's Tri-Tone is finished, DreamScape is embroidered

Melanie's - everything is cut and yours are on the embroidery machine today

Karen's diapers should be embroidered tomorrow. I made the toddler LWI blue diaper, finished it, then remembered it was supposed to be embroidered - oops! So I am redying fabric for that in the AM

Natalie's diapers are ready to be sewn

Gozozale's (sorry, I don't have your first name here either!) fitted is finished, DreamScape should be embroidered tomorrow

Steph's - I am dying in the AM and will embroider tomorrow night

So, if all goes well and I do finish my embroideries this weekend, then I should still be in line with mailing about a week from Monday - yippee!!


Helbee21 said...

They look amazing! I love my tri-tone and can't wait to see my dreamscape now. I love the safari one further down ;)

Liss said...

WOW! Absolutely beautiful work Bonnie, I am so crazily excited about getting mine - you've gotten these done so fast for such a large order too, well done you!

Ohhhh.... now I am all hyper imagining mine hehe.

Natalie said...

Wow Bonnie they are all stunning!!

Beth said...

WOW Bonnie! Gorgeous gorgeous stuff! Can't wait to see pics of my dreamscapes!

Heleanna said...

Oooooh they are so gorgeous Bonnie...Thank you so much for everything! I can't wait to see my Dreamscapes: thanks also for the "special attention" you are giving to my Fairyland Dreamscape :) :)