Saturday, May 10, 2008

Embroidery blues

I am ready to throw my embroidery machine out the window. We are on the third floor and I suspect it would make a rather satisfying crash when it hits the ground. I have had this machine for less than 2 years and it has been in for service 5 times (the first time being 2 weeks after it got here) and I have replaced parts on it myself an additional 3 times. When it is not in for service, it will work beautifully for a while, then just not. Like today, I have embroidered about a dozen designs since Thursday night, all perfectly. This afternoon I was embroidering a rock, which should have taken 4 minutes. I had to open the machine up 32 times on the first color, which ended up taking over an hour to stitch out. I had decided to replace the machine yesterday, then didn't because it was working so beautifully. Figures. By the time it stopped working today, the dealer was closed. Hopefully I can get in tomorrow and replace this machine. It will be a happy mother's day present to myself!

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