Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Favorite: Sipping Chocolat from Love Abounds


Two of my favorite things? Chocolate and hot beverages. So when Katherine at Love Abounds started carrying her sipping chocolat, I knew I had to try it. Every time I went to order, it was either out of stock or I was out of funds ... then last week a friend sent me a package of the mocha. I was in heaven! Rich and creamy, nothing like the little packets with the tiny hard marshmallows that my kids adore. I just ordered a single serve sampler pack - can't wait to get it! I am picturing the perfect end to a day next week - a mug of steaming sipping chocolat, a chocolate covered strawberry, snow falling outside my window, watching the newest episode of LOST :) Perfection!

We can now add a 3rd to my favorite things list ... Sipping Chocolat!

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