Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wonderful hand made mail week!

What a great hand made mail week it was here! first up, brand new custom undies from Christy at Fussybutt. Christy is absolutely amazing to work with. I needed a custom size and she adjusted her patterns for me to get a great fit. This is only one pair, I am wearing the other pair, same lime green but with a light pink lace. They are a perfect fit and I adore them!

Kate, the Tea Mistress of Tea Noir is one of my very favorite etsy sellers. Aside from being the sweetest, she makes the world's most amazing teas. the top pic is a new one for me, Cosmo, rooibos with orange, lime and cranberry. Second pic is my all time favorite, caramel apple, another rooibos (I don't do caffeine, so I love the rooibos!) with caramel, apple and cinnamon. The yummiest tea ever! Now, if I could only find my tea ball, I would be all set. Or if the laundry hurries up and finishes I can just go out and buy a new one. I am feeling the need for a cuppa caramel apple!

Next up, Mud Face facial mask from South Pacific Body on etsy. I haven't used a facial mask in years, but I saw this one while shopping for my swap partner for the bath and body swap on hyena cart and had to try it. I am loving it, definitely a keeper. And it has the added bonus of totally freaking out my kids when I put it on - they call me the Mud Monster and start screaming!

Lastly, my new favorite piece of jewelry, my Cumulo Nimbus - Icy White Sea Glass Filigree Necklace from Artistic Detour. I wore it yesterday and it is even more beautiful in person than in the picture. I am so happy to have Robin joining us on K&F now - of course, that means it will just be that much easier for me to feed my sea glass jewelry habit ...

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