Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 to everyone! I hope this year brings everyone health and happiness :)

I am playing a little catch up as we enter the new year. Between the holidays, exhaustion, a flood in the laundry room that kept me from dyeing (because I was afraid to open the washer, lol) for an extra week, and taking my very first weekend off since I have had Holden's Landing, I am working on playing catch up a little. I have 3 more diapers to get done and out and I will be all caught up - those will go out tomorrow (Cassie and Melanie - sorry for the delay!!). Anyone else with a custom or wholesale order (including those that are invoicing for today) - all those are dyed, cut and snapped and on the table to be worked on this weekend/early in the week. I am anticipating having all the customs on the table done by Friday next, and hopefully the wholesale order as well (6 down on that now!).

Must get back to sewing if I am going to catch up!!

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