Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where have you been all my life??

Yesterday, I received my Bedside Caddy from Lucky Mama and I am in love! I have this habit of having far too many books in my bed. My headboard is a bookshelf, which right now houses some Webkinz, my planner and calender, my clock, the full collection of Harry Potter books in hardcover, all the Lord of the Rings books + The Hobbit (2 copies of that as a matter of fact), Story of the World, Horrible Histories: The Groovy Greeks, Greek Mythology, a bunch of Magic Treehouse books, a full collection of volumes of Nature's Children, classic Winnie the Pooh volumes, a Jack Prelutsky poetry book, and a nature crafts book ... then on TOP of those are the library books I am currently reading and a few magazine ... then usually in bed with me are a few pens, the notebooks I use to analyze every detail of my life in (yes, I really *am* that anal. Really.) ... This caddy is wonderful! My notebooks finally have a home, and the caddy I bought even has a place to stick my pens. Now I will not wake up with ink on my face from rolling onto a pen in my sleep.

(And yes, those are my bamboo velour sheets showing in the picture ... be very jealous!)

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