Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Birds

"Bird" was Ana's first word.  She has loved birds ever since she first watched them out on the deck as an infant.  So the theme of birds is one we visit a few times a year.  This week was our winter bird week. 

We started off the week with our playgroup.  I planned most of the winter playgroup sessions to have the same theme as we are doing for that week.  So this week we read some bird stories, painted paper plate birds, and made birdseed ornaments

 Tuesday is baking day.  We made a nut and seed bread.  We finished half the loaf and gave the other half to the chickens.

 Painting day - sky and birch trees.  Ana used a sponge stamp for the first time to stamp red birds all over the trees. 

 Craft day - we strung dried orange slices and fresh cranberries for the birds.  We put our Christmas tree on the deck to decorate it with bird treats.  Unfortunately, it keeps blowing over in the wind, so I have to get out there and secure it before we can decorate it. 

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