Monday, January 25, 2016

3 Kings

Epiphany, Three Kings Day, Dia de los Reyes -- the end of the Christmas season.  This year, it was all about camels.  Or, particularly about one camel, Humphrey.  Ana became obsessed with this book and we had to read it several times a day. 


 A nice cozy spot for reading, "the nest"

Baking day - we baked a cake for the holiday, as well as cinnamon sugar tortillas, and a Chipotle style dinner - carnitas, cilantro lime rice, and all the fixins'

Meema found the nut hidden in the cake - lucky baby!  

Painting day - we painted paper to make into crowns.  Gold, silver, bronze paints 

Sensory day - we are getting lots of use out of the stone box from Advent.  The girls both love it. 

Craft day - we made beautiful window stars to hang in the dining room window.  I did all the folding beforehand, and showed Ana how to put the pieces together with a little dot of glue.  She did mos of the assembly.  



 We visited Blueberry Sky this week for their open house tea party.  Ana now has to have tea every day.  We took out my beautiful tea pot to make ti special, and a couple of mugs, and now we share tea every afternoon.

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