Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Together Tuesday: Flower painting

Summer is finally here in CT, and the warm weather beckons us outside. The kids have been loving checking out the different types of flowers we find everywhere - today it was yellow lilies (and why are they not daffodils? When do daffodils grow? Why don't lilies grow in April?), yesterday it was the mushrooms that sprung up with all the rain we have had lately (I know, they're not flowers, but the kids are VERY impressed with them still, especially Holden, who has an affinity for mushrooms, most likely because of his obsession with Super Mario Brothers), before we got all the rain it was the dandelions that were EVERYWHERE ... then there are the bleeding heart flowers at my parents' house, the roses ...

Today's Together Tuesday activity revolves around flowers. Go out and pick some flowers together. Bring along a field guide to help in identifying them. Bring them home - separate them into two piles and press one pile between pieces of wax paper in the middle of a heavy book (or between two smaller books). Use the other pile of flowers to make flower prints. spread a thin layer of paint on a dish and dip the flower into the paint. Remove the flower and print it onto paper. Make single prints and frame them. Use a large sheet of paper and print multiple flowers and use markers or paints or crayons to add details to create a field of flowers mural. Print onto tissue paper and use as wrapping paper for a special gift. Fold cardstock to resemble a card and print a single flower on the front and use the card to send a special message to a friend or family member.

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