Thursday, May 21, 2009

Proud mama moment :)

Kenna and Holden have both taken gymnastics since they were a year old. Both started out at the Southington/Cheshire YMCA for their Mommy & Me program from 14 months to 3, then moved over to American Gymnastics for their on classes. This year, we started at USA Gymnastics since it is much closer to our house. The year is just about over, only on more week of classes then the final week of "shows" for family and friends.

Holden had class this morning and when I was walking in with him, the owner stopped me to tell me she was recommending Kenna move to the Level 2/3 Junior Olympics Team. Competition starts at Level 4; Kenna isn't so sure she wants to compete, but is so excited that she is deemed good enough to be on the team. Way to go, my little gymnast!

These pics are from 2006. I can't believe i don't have anything more recent on the computer! Well, there is always "show" week - I will have to get lots of pictures then!

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Desiree said...

Congrats to Kenna! That is great!