Monday, May 11, 2009

May Contest

I meant to post this yesterday in honor of Mother's Day, but my weekends are generally spent away from the computer nowadays, and it completely slipped my mind.

As moms, we have so many things to get done in a day. Add in homeschooling and/or working at home and it can be nearly impossible to find balance, to find a way to get everything done in a day. I asked Santa for 4 more hours a day after 10 PM, but unfortunately, I didn't get it.

So our May contest is about balance. How do you find time to get everything done in a day? What tricks do you have up your sleeve to fit everything into a day? Share your best trick, organizational skill, strategy, etc. in the comments section and I will pick one random winner next Monday (5/18, using The winner will receive one custom OBV pillowcase - to ensure you get a good night's rest, something every mom needs :)


Official Nappy Garden Blog! said...

I have no organisation skills whatsoever! My day is never planned or scheduled, it is mainly a case of squeeze in what you can, when you can! It works! I run a business from home and still manage to be mummy to my 4 children! Happy days! Lisa xxx

JENNIFER said...

I don't even try to "get it all done." I try to schedule at least 15 mins a day to relax myself. Just me. Usually it's in the shower while one is at school and the other is napping. After I get that time, nothing else seems to be as important or stressful.

Jo said...

My time management is also very lacking however I try and sit down at the beginning of each day and write down what I would ideally like to achieve in the day.
It's lovely to be able to cross items off the list as they're done and it has taught me to be more realistic about what is achievable in a day.
Jo xx

Anonymous said...

I always use the bits of quiet time I have to make little lists in my head of what my priority items are, and I always make that list short enough to be actually achievable. But like someone else said, I always place a priority on doing things that make me happy -- usually knitting or other creative endeavors. And I always take a little time to take care of myself. I have found that I am better able to be positive and energetic if I feel a sense of abundance and peace.

heather said...

Oh, and duh...anonymous is me. Sorry to muck things up with my sleep deprived absent mindedness.

Claire Gannon said...

I get all the girls clothes and nappies organised before I go to bed. I also make sure I have a clean sink before bed too. This gives me a clean kitchen before I start.
I then set a timmer for 15 mins twice a day where I blitz 1 area for 15mins then stop.
I also do this for 15 mins "me time" and the girls know to leave me and play till the timmer goes off.
unfortunayly I hate sorting cloths so could do with more organisation if anyone can help.


Carley said...

I manage to get my essential bits and bobs done by giving Hope somthing creative to do like drawing, a book she has not seen for a while, or by giving her a little task like 'help Mummy sort the nappies' Nathan is happy to just watch his sister. This leaves me with all of 5 minutes to wash, cook, sort... Hmm, not exactly fool proof, but to be honest as long as the Children are happy, our job as a Mummy is done.

Desiree said...

This is something I struggle with personally. I set a routine and we try to stick with it. I try to type out a very detailed routine for our day with all the verses and blessings and important things to remember that I always forget. Then I try to highlight the most important ones for those inevitable days when we sleep in until 10 am or just want to lay around and watch movies.

I try to be very flexible with it but allow enough important things that help the kids-floor time , non-rushed bedtime, and meals together. I find that these things are the most important to keep meltdowns at bay which usually wreck everyones day. For myself, I always read or check email during breakfast to wake up and work on my hobbies-knitting when the kids are reading or doing a project that doesn't involve me, bellydancing with my girls when they want to be active, gardening in our little containers every day together and experiencing the joy of growth.

Reading and journaling before bed also helps me keep my own sanity. I wind down by reading something usually completely fictional like Harry Potter or Jane Austen for awhile before I fall asleep and snuggle in bed.

Jess said...

I try and keep to a routine as much as possible, mealtimes and nap/bedtimes are strict. I have cleaning days for certain jobs, i.e. Monday I do the bathroom, Tuesday I dust etc. I try and get noisy jobs done in the morning so after my ds naps, the afternoon is free for us. I also do most of my food and household shopping online and it gets delivered so I don't need to traipse round a supermarket with a whiny baby. If we need anything else, we have the afternoon free to do that. I also like to pack my change bag before bed so it is ready for me if I need to dash out quickly in the morning. Other than that I am usually very disorganised!!

Nyree said...

I'm another one who doesn't have an very organised day LOL!! Being a WAHM and soon to be starting our homeschooling journey too I always seem to have something that I will "do later"(*cough* generally housework!)

I tend to spend my days with the children and then once they are all tucked up in bed I get myself comfy in my PJ's grab a hot drink and start work - I'm more productive when it is nice and quiet...even if that means packing parcels at 3am every night!


Holden's Landing said...

Thank you so much for all of your entries. I tend to be someone who tries obsessively to fit a million things into a single day and there are just not enough hours.

Congratulations to Claire, who is our winner. picked post #5 (I tried to put in the widget that shows that but it wouldn't work, I am too technically challenged, lol). I will be in contact tonight!