Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For Sarah

Another new DreamScape - Sarah wanted a woodland theme that seems to be popular lately!), but with a night time twist.

Front - a single owl flying in the stars

Back - another appliquéd tree with appliquéd grass. A full moon and some twinkling stars in the background (all the stars and some elements of the moon glow in he dark), a raccoon and a little owl in the tree, and a fox skulking around underneath on one side and a little hedgehog and mushroom on the other side

A Tri-Tone, also for Sarah. She asked for the colors of New England in the fall - my favorite time of year, and favorite place to spend it (of course, I am a New England girl myself, so I am partial). I went with a brick for the outer, coppery brown for the inner with flecks of orange, and a deep eggplant for the soaker

1 comment:

sarah said...

I couldn't resist looking & they are both absolutely fantastic - better then i imagined. Really looking forward to receiving them. thank you bonnie.