Wednesday, January 14, 2015


If we are having rice for dinner and I ask Poppyseed if she'd like some, she goes running to her bedroom, excitedly yelling "Rice! Rice!"I keep her rice box underneath her bed.  It is one of her very favorite things.

In September, Holden and I dyed up about 8 pounds of rainbow rice.  It came out fabulous.  We used liquid food coloring, dropped a few drops into a gallon freezer bag with a few cups of rice, shook it, then set it out to dry.  Repeat for each color.   The whole process took about half an hour (plus drying time, which wasn't much more), and Holden had a blast.

Even Holden and Kenna love to play in the rice box.  4 months later, despite vacuuming up what seems like half the rice box every time we use it, it is still going strong.

It is a wonderfully calming activity.  And Poppyseed is obsessed with pouring things from one container to another, and this ends up being a lot easier on the carpet and wood floor than water!

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